Project Jeep
Part Two: Engine, Paint, Mechanicals
Aside from replacing all the belts, hoses, clamps, and parts associated with a general tune up, we replaced the broken fuel and oil pressure sending units, the dried-up fuel lines, body bushings, and exhaust.  In Texas, cars that are more than 25 years-old are exempt from emmissions testing, so we tossed the catalytic converter and a bunch of needless pollution-control components.  That's the way we roll in Texas.

Rather than getting a replacement radiator which are now all made of plastic, we took the original one to Kirby's and got it rodded, cleaned, and painted.The front and rear transaxles were checked, and we replaced the U-joints because in the Jeep's current state of nakedity they were so accessible.

The engine, as you saw in Part One of this fascinating saga, was in desparate need of detailing.  Who better than our household painter, Lisa to do that.  After Henry removed all the residual grime and grease with a wire brush and cleaner, Lisa went to work with a small paintbrush and painted the entire block AMC blue, which is actually Chrysler blue.   It took her an entire evening to do it, and it looks great. 


After, with engine detail, frame paint, and new tires.


Philip does his thing to the engine.  Henry takes it for a drive.