Project Jeep
Part Five:  Reassembly I
Another busy day at Casa G.  The paint is dry so married the body to the frame.  After the bushings were snug we assembled what we could of the dashboard and installed it.  All the mechanical components were reattached to the firewall, and we installed the steering column, clutch assembly, brakes, and grille.  Then we bolted the fenders back on, installed the lights, spare tire carrier, and a bunch of other stuff.  

The frame was pushed back to the body so as to make carrying it up and over easier.

Before installing the fenders we installed the flares, which are difficult to install when the fenders are
already bolted on.

Henry assembles the steering column.
When I tried crawling under the dash it took two hours before I could stand upright again.

This is how we left it for the day, wondering if we should have made the wheels black.